An Introduction To Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting uses water as a standard mixture for the palette of colours, that is used with this artistic venue. It is one of the central methods of canvas painting, along with oil painting and acrylic painting. Watercolour artistic creations use a specific type of canvas that is made

Fun Magic Trick With Rabbits

There are many rabbit tricks that you can perform at home or before an audience. Perhaps one of the most popular tricks is the classical hat-trick magic, where the performer produces a rabbit or an object such as a banquet of flowers from the top of an apparently empty

How To Create Scrapbook Kits

Scrapbooking has quickly become a top hobby. The days of boring picture albums are over; everyone and anyone can create a work of art displaying their memories. Scrapbook kits make great gifts for everyone in your life. You can buy premade kits, but why not personalize the gift by

How To Make Pottery Vases

Handmade pottery is an expensive decoration for the home. With many artists offering tutorials and DIY lessons online, homeowners are becoming talented potters themselves. The key to making exquisite pieces of pottery is following the right instructor. They’re the perfect gifts and can add integrity to any home design.

How To Use Face Painting Paints

Face painting is a great activity for children’s parties, fairs or carnivals. Even adults can get in on the fun. In some lines of the fashion industry face painting is also used to create special and unique looks on models. Face paint is a special type of paint that

How To Do Match Tricks

A person has to learn great magic tricks to become a good magician. However, many magicians are very critical of those that give away magical secrets. This leads to a bit of a conundrum: how does one learn tricks without being taught them? This is much easier in the

How To Make A Paper Hat

Spending time with your children during the weekend after a week of working hard is one of the best ways to bond and do fun activities together. How to make a paper hat is one such activity and below is how you can accomplish it easily. You will need

How To Draw Caricatures Of People

Caricature drawings are visual representations of people or other characters that have been exaggerated. The goal of a caricature is to create humor and sometimes to scare people or create a gross effect. Caricatures are frequently used to make fun of or satirize people who are well known. You

How To Make A Bookmark

Whatever the reason is for reading, a bookmark is a necessity to hold the place where one has paused. Creating a handmade bookmark for yourself or to give as a gift is simple and easy, when you follow these easy to understand step-by-step instructions. MATERIALS Thread Wrapping Paper Card

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